Acne treatment for children

Acne is largely caused by hormonal changes in children. From within, the body of an adolescent undergoes several changes. Acne appears on the skin of the developing child as a result of this. Acne on the skin has a psychological impact on the child.

Acne is an issue that extends beyond the skin. It has a negative impact on a teenager’s self-esteem as well as his or her social life. Teenagers are more concerned with their appearance and personality. Acne on the skin makes people feel vulnerable and unattractive. Acne treatment can help in such cases. The motivating influence of parents and family is what makes the difference.

Acne treatment at home for children
Furthermore, teens and parents may turn to home cures for acne treatment. Some of the treatments are listed below:

Apply a tomato slice on the child’s face. After 15 minutes, wash your face. This will cleanse the skin by removing grime and excess oil. Use this treatment once a day.
Another acne treatment is to apply a combination of sandalwood powder and rose water to the skin and leave it on until it dries. Then, rinse with water. Acne-prone skin will appear cleaner and fresher.
Apply benzoyl peroxide to your child’s afflicted skin for minor acne therapy. It will minimise puffiness and eliminate germs that contribute to acne.

The usage of Aloe Vera is beneficial in the treatment of acne. Simply scrape the plant’s gel and apply it as a moisturiser once or twice a day.
Another acne home cure is to combine one spoon of cinnamon powder with two spoons of honey and apply the mixture to a clean face for around 15 minutes as a face mask. Rinse the face gently.