5 Ways to Improve Your Skin’s Health This Fall

You know that sinking feeling you get when the cooler months of the year roll around and your skin starts to feel dry, parched and unhappy? The stress from constant summertime humidity, the lackivies of your morning sweat sessions in just a T-shirt and whatever other activities you’ve been participating in throughout the warm season are taking their toll on your face. But before you run out and buy another bottle of expensive facial oil or another pharmaceutical treatment for your complexion, maybe it’s time you looked at what you can do to improve your skin’s health this autumn. What these other elements have to do with improving your complexion though is beyond us. Here we take a look at 5 simple yet effective ways to coax that unhealthy skin of yours into becoming healthier in the cooler months.

Step up your skincare game

While you’re probably already adding extra hydration to your skin in the form of heavier moisturisers or thicker serums, now is the time to up your skincare game even further. Take your anti-aging routine seriously and start using a retinoid cream or peptide serum to combat fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. If you’re struggling to find the time to fit in a full cleanse and exfoliation routine, you can use a quick and easy DIY version to fit it in. Other than the obvious benefits of better skin texture and less visible signs of aging, a clean, exfoliated and hydrated complexion will also help to keep breakouts at bay and prevent clogged pores.

Ditch the dry-shampoo

It’s no secret that as the temperature drops, our hair also gets less and less voluminous, leaving us with our heads feeling rather uncomfy. This is due to the fact that our hair is more likely to be dry and damaged from the colder weather than it would be in summertime. This is especially true if you’re someone who wears their hair long and in braids, dreadlocks or extensions. Hair dryers are also more likely to damage your hair than in the warmer months, so keep them for your at-home time, not for your daily morning skincare routine. If you must use them, use them sparingly, and keep them away from your roots to prevent over-drying your hair even more.

Eat for your skin type

Your skin type is an odd thing. While we might all have the same basic ingredients in our skin, how they react to the elements of the world around us is what dictates how healthy our skin is. Therefore, it’s important to know what your skin type is, so you can target its specific needs in skincare. The most common skin types are combination, oily, and dry. Those with oily skin might find that eating a clean diet and drinking plenty of water is all they need to keep their skin from getting too dry. For others, certain fruits, vegetables and whole grains are better for them, and they should focus on reducing their intake of fatty and sugary foods. Those with dry skin will find that specific moisturizing products are better for them, and they should avoid products that are heavy and greasy.

Don’t forget the humidity barrier

Just as we don’t want to completely dry our skin out during the winter, we don’t want to completely moisturize it either. This is where a great skincare routine comes into play. Use a gentle moisturizer that has a great water-holding and protecting ingredient like urea or hyaluronic acid. Also, avoid using your humidifier when you don’t need to, as well as during sleep. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, too, as this is just as important for your skin’s health this winter as it is in the summer.

Get some exercise!

There are a few things that seem to keep skin clear and healthy, and exercise is one of them! While it’s a given that a healthy diet and plenty of sleep are essential to a glowing complexion, there’s something else you can do to help your skin stay clear and healthy. Exercise is better for your skin in two ways. Firstly, it helps to clear your pores by sending toxins and even excess oil out of your body. Secondly, it keeps your skin hydrated by increasing blood flow to the area. So, whether you choose yoga, Pilates or running-streaks, there’s something for everyone here. While regular exercise can make a massive difference, it’s especially important for those with acne-prone or oily skin to maintain a healthy skincare routine.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and that its tips have been helpful in keeping your skin healthy this autumn! Autumn can be a tough time for the skin due to the dry air, and it’s important to keep it well hydrated and clean. If you’re struggling to keep your skin clean or have any blemishes, try using a gentle cleanser and toner, and see your doctor if you have any problems. The key is to keep your skin clean, and your skin will stay clear and healthy. That means making sure you wash your face in the morning, and when you do, use a cleanser and toner to get rid of any leftovers. If you keep your skin clean and hydrated this autumn, you’ll be happy to see your skin looking healthier next spring and summer.